Steering Repair In Yakima, Washington

Whether it's for your Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, or any other vehicle make, eventually you may need to get your steering repaired. When it is time for you to bring in your vehicle for repair, come to AutoMetrics - Yakima as soon as you can because the steering system in your vehicle is extremely important while you maneuver through the streets of Yakima, Washington, Union Gap, Washington, Terrace Heights, Washington, Selah, Washington, and beyond. 

The steering system in your vehicle relies on the input from the driver on the steering wheel and the mechanism underneath the vehicle to turn the front wheels left and right. Most vehicles come with power steering, the system that made steering much easier to do. Power steering either uses an electronic motor or a hydraulic system. If the power steering uses a hydraulic system, it will use a power steering fluid to transmit power. As the pressure builds, it moves the pistons, which reduces the effort needed from the driver. However, you may eventually need to get a power steering fluid exchange service. Dirt and debris could contaminate the fluid and could cause a leak and make the system fail. Bring your vehicle to AutoMetrics - Yakima if you ever need to get any steering service done such as power steering rack and pinion replacement or power steering fluid exchange service. 

There are two different steering systems: the rack-and-pinion system and the steering-box system. With the rack-and-pinion system, the power steering allows the driver to use minimal effort to easily turn the vehicle. The input from the steering wheel turns the steering shaft. At the end of the steering shaft, there is a circular gear called the pinion. The pinion interlocks with the steering arms and when the driver turns the steering wheel, the pinion rotates and turns the steering arms. With the steering-box system, there is a worm gear at the end of the steering column. A worm gear is a threaded cylinder that is attached to the ball nut rack. While the driver is turning the steering wheel, the ball nut rack moves up and down along the cylinder, moving the drop arm, which is linked to the steering arm. If you have any questions about your specific vehicle’s steering system and any potential problems, please contact AutoMetrics - Yakima to make an appointment and have our Reliable technicians take a look.

Some signs that there might be an issue with your steering:

  • Difficulty with turning the steering wheel.
  • Steering wheel vibration.
  • The vehicle pulls to one side.
  • Grinding and screeching noises while turning the steering wheel.
  • A fluid leak underneath the steering system.
  • The steering wheel is stiff or loose.
  • The steering wheel slips while turning.
  • Your Quality Shop for Steering Repair

If you are in or near Yakima, Washington, come to AutoMetrics - Yakima for your go-to steering repair shop. Our technicians have decades of combined experience and will ensure that your vehicle is working properly again.

Reasons You Should Do Business With Us: 

  • Reliable service
  • Timely service
  • Verified & accurate information
  • We are THE experts
  • Years of Experience - Serving the Yakima, WA community since 1996
  • We have excellent 5-star ratings based on reviews from 348 satisfied customers
  • Our services come with a 2 year/24,000 mile warranty
  • Our technicians are ASE Certified

If you are in Yakima or surrounding areas, schedule an appointment at AutoMetrics - Yakima today! You can schedule an appointment with us online or give us a call at 509-457-3739. AutoMetrics - Yakima - Foreign Car Expert..

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